What do coaching gymnastics and coaching Agile have in common? How Mike broke into Scrum

Breaking into Scrum and Coaching Agile With Empathy

Mike is an highly experienced Agile Coach, Delivery Manager, SAFe Agilist, and Certified Scrum Master responsible for coordinating multiple concurrent development and delivery efforts throughout their full lifecycle in the public and private sectors. In his private life, Mike is also an elite gymnastics coach! Listen to hear the very relevant parallels!

00:00 Intro and welcome 01:10 How Mike first got into Agile 02:29 Why did Agile makes sense for you personally? 04:12 How Mike sees Agile as applying way beyond engineering, to many areas 05:11 How Agile applies to all kinds of situations and personality types 07:36 Why and how Agile is fun 10:34 How Agile is a mindset and accessible to everyone 13:12 Mike’s thoughts as both an Agile coach and a Gymnastics coach 22:01 Agile is a human centered thing! 27:54 Learn to be a conduit, practice explaining Agile 37:07 Why Mike cares about incremental improvement and continuous learning 46:26 Why you don’t need to be afraid 48:06 Get comfortable being uncomfortable

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