“I’m a doer, and generally measure myself by how many items I’ve checked off my list at the end of each day. That’s a fine way of being until your emotions – fear, insecurity, or sadness – start getting in the way of action, and then your yardstick starts feeling pretty unsatisfying. What I love about Kelly’s coaching is the balance she’s able to strike between inspiring action and inspiring a more thoughtful, present way of being. For lack of better words, I feel more awake and alive since I began working with Kelly. Do I end up getting more done? Absolutely. But my actions come from a grounded place of self-awareness, self-assurance, and compassion for myself and others.

“Kelly’s practice is called Agility Transformation, which makes perfect sense. She’s an Agile coach, able to create space for and meaning from whatever I bring to our sessions, and transformation is the perfect word to describe the internal experience that she has curated for me.”

Sasha Cox, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur

“Kelly is one of the finest Coaches and development managers I have worked with. She coached and taught me Agile Scrum virtually, but it felt like it was in person. She also coached me in leadership development and gave me all the credit in my Scrum Master Leadership ramp up.”

“Kelly’s skills in coaching to remove impediments between the on-shore & off-shore teams was enormous, valuable and saved lots of time. She also has a very good product development experience, and her coaching around that has guided us to exceed on 3 different products, with ever improving productivity. The results we’ve seen in our team are noticeable – higher collaboration, bringing high success rates among teams that are geographically distributed.”

“I am proud to be working with Kelly and would like to continue this professional relationship for the long term.”

Ashok Kandaswamy,  Scrum Master and Technical Lead at Colan Infotech, India

“Kelly is the most knowledgable person I have ever worked with on Agile methodologies. Her breadth of understanding of best practices in forming and managing agile teams is truly outstanding. Highly recommended.”

Ed Elliott, Mobile Application Developer at Aperek, USA

“Kelly is an incredible Agile Coach performing Agilty Transformation for both on-site & off-shore resources. One of her unique capabilities is that she is able to coach and train people virtually, using tools like Bridgespace, Twiddla, Sococo and Webex, and make it a grand success! My colleagues and I are now performing leadership roles in our projects under complete guidance from Kelly.

“It was a pleasure to work with Kelly on Product development as well. The way she coached me on the Business Canvas model and lean product development techniques were excellent, and we are the verge on successfully releasing products.”

Sri Hari Gunaskeran, Scrum Product Owner at ICON, Ireland

“Kelly is a passionate, trustworthy, skilled and dedicated Coach. She has a great sense of humor, and knows how to keep things light and interesting. She also took the time to get to know each of us on a personal level. Her coaching has been invaluable in my career development and my professional growth process.”

“Working with Kelly has been a boon to me, Her coaching helped me and my team to successfully plan and deploy projects far more efficiently with very high productivity.”

“I really recommend Kelly for her leadership abilities, coaching skills, flexible character, Agile knowledge and goal orientation. I’m proud to work with her and look forward to continuing to do so over the long-term.”

Madhava Prasad, Scrum Quality Assurance Engineer at Colan Infotech, India

“In addition to being brilliant, Kelly has a deep understanding of process and knows what it takes for people to work effectively together towards a common goal. She’s collaborative, inquisitive, and highly adaptable.”

Todd Hoskins, Coach and Consultant, USA

“As an agile coach, Kelly is capable of transporting you to different universes stimulating creativity, see things from varied points of view and understand yourself better in the process. She selflessly wants to make a difference in people´s lives and consequently in their life purpose fulfillment, productivity and efficiency, which in turn makes the workplace a second home.

“Kelly is constantly looking for opportunities to grow and improve the communication and natural flow in a group of work. Her constant good mood is catchy, she fills the meetings with smiles, positivism and clear actions which inspires teams to want to give more.

“She contributes to team development because she sees people in a company as integral individuals and treats them as such, making them feel comfortable and appreciated. She is able to create an environment of trust, honesty, harmony and fun. For Kelly, the important thing is to focus on solutions, not on problems.

“She is a well rounded person with many experiences that make her a wonderfully interesting person. I am sure she will make a big difference anywhere and everywhere she goes. She is a marvelous colleague and a remarkable human being.”

Paola Rodriguez, .Net Developer at Service Tracking Systems, Costa Rica

“It has been a pleasure for me to receive coaching from Kelly. Our coaching relationship is one of trust and openness. Kelly is always ready to engage and explore a variety of topics with me. She’s a good listener, and offers a safe place for coaching. Working with Kelly, I have experienced significant shifts and movement in my own life, and I would recommend Kelly to anyone seeking a co-active coach.”

TIm Dart, M.S., Coactive Coach and Psychotherapist

“It was a privilege to work with Kelly. She is smart, organized, creative and dedicated. She has broad experience and knowledge, and works very well with diverse groups of people. You can always count on Kelly to do a superb job and wow the audience the same time.

“Kelly is very creative and understands complex markets and technologies, and then can deliver clear and compelling stories on how and why. Her attention to detail and drive to create the best possible product and makes her a rare and valuable asset to any technology effort.”

“I recommend her highly, and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

Shannon Lawrence, QA Team Lead at Saggezza

“My first exposure to Agile and Coaching was from Kelly. Kelly’s enthusiasm and passion were contagious and she makes me reach my very best. It has been a pleasure having Kelly as my Agile Coach. She brought a high level of passion, energy and talent to my career progress that was invaluable. I would highly recommend her. She brings success in many ways.

“Kelly is an overall excellent coach. Her approach and mode of training is very interesting and keeps me focused on my goal. Kelly uses very innovative methods to keep the things structured, creative and joyful, which always keep us on track.

“My Agile coaching has brought vast changes both in my professional and personal lives. Some examples of growth include the development of great leadership qualities, taking on more responsibilities, better organizing and planning.

“I don’t have words to thank Kelly enough for her excellence, the wonderful insights, and encouragement in exploring the best and making it happen. I wish to stay Agile with Kelly :-)”

Rafiudeen Ziya, Mobile Developer iOS, Android at Colan Infotech

“Kelly is a passionate life-long learner. She brought to the session a wealth of knowledge and experience about team development and client engagement. Her enthusiasm to take what she is learning and weave this new knowledge into her work is infectious. Her broad array of knowledge and practical on the ground experience enhanced the learning experience for everyone at the session.”

“It was an honour to be a learning partner with Kelly and I look forward to continuing this relationship.”

Maureen (Mo) McKenna, Partner at Innovation Works

“Kelly and I co-managed a large project together–she was an invaluable asset and taught me a great deal about agile methodologies and implementation. She was an excellent collaborator on the project and could be counted on to see everything through to successful completion.”

Maria Liccardo, Project Manager, Breakthrough Technologies, USA

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