Surprise! What Agile Can Learn from the US Navy

I thought I knew one or two things about Agile, but in only five minutes of hearing Mark’s true stories about his role as a Navy aviator collaborating with the Navy SEALs, I realized he had something highly valuable and concrete to teach the Agile community – how to make it real, in practice, on the ground!

Use Pro Coaching to Amp Your Agile Coaching

A great conversation with Sue Bramhall, agile coach and personal coach, on bringing these two fields together.

A Conversation with Agile Coach Ashish Chandra: Meditation and Emotional Intelligence for Agile Transformation Agents (with a bonus on cutting your own hair)

Trust, meditation and being a teacher and learner at the same time. Great thoughts for agile transformation agents.

Introduction and “Coming Attractions” – Podcast Episode #1

Introduction to the Agility Transformation Podcast and initial ruminations.

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