Surprise! What Agile Can Learn from the US Navy

I thought I knew one or two things about Agile, but in only five minutes of hearing Mark’s true stories about his role as a Navy aviator collaborating with the Navy SEALs, I realized he had something highly valuable and concrete to teach the Agile community – how to make it real, in practice, on the ground!

Use Pro Coaching to Amp Your Agile Coaching

A great conversation with Sue Bramhall, agile coach and personal coach, on bringing these two fields together.

Cool Ways to Use Cognitive Psychology in Agile

Using cognitive psychology in agile transformation – a conversation with GaganBir Palta

Adarsh Mehrotra on DevOps, Blockchain and DevSecOps for Agile Sustainability

Adarsh is bringing a new perspective to this podcast because a lot of his work has to do with technical agile. And that’s where the rubber hits the road in agile transformations, because there’s no “look like.”You can’t just adopt some of the surface practices of agile and say that you are doing DevOps. No way. Read on for how to “get real” with technical agile.

Becoming a Scrum Product Owner When the Business Doesn’t Want to Play

photo of candles near sticky note

Ways to do successful scrum Product Ownership when the business doesn’t want to play that role

A Conversation with Agile Coach Ashish Chandra: Meditation and Emotional Intelligence for Agile Transformation Agents (with a bonus on cutting your own hair)

Trust, meditation and being a teacher and learner at the same time. Great thoughts for agile transformation agents.

Introduction and “Coming Attractions” – Podcast Episode #1

Introduction to the Agility Transformation Podcast and initial ruminations.

Transformation Calls For Organizational Change Skills as Well As Agile Content Coaching

Today a lot of companies want agile. They know their competitors are using it for competitive advantage, and they want to keep up and excel. So they often go out and hire agile coaches. The challenge here is that while many agile coaches possess strong agile experience, they sometimes don’t have the specific skill set …

Transformation Calls For Organizational Change Skills as Well As Agile Content Coaching Read More »

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