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Active Listening for Agile Adventurers

Welcome to Active Listening for Agile Adventurers!

What you’re going to learn in this fun, interactive course is: 

  1. What active listening is, and why it’s valuable in Agile
  2. How to apply the 3 steps of active listening 
  3. 2 easy tips to gauge your success immediately, and 
  4. 1 simple tool to make active listening a habit

All these will up your game exponentially, so let’s get started!

Active Listening for Agile Adventurers


Siewie Siewie, PhD
Siewie Siewie, PhDScrum Master Apprentice
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The program showed me I was Scrumpossible. It demystified Scrum events and showed me its true possibilities. My advice if you're considering the program: Do it!
Kenneth Dean
Kenneth DeanCSM, CSPO, ICP-ACC​
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Kelly's course was a real game changer for me. She provided advice and practical guidance. She also shared her real life experiences in agile, which was great. I’m fortunate to have had the time I did with her, and I will always recommend Kelly to anyone in working with her.​
Trevor Ash
Trevor AshScrum Engineering Manager, Paylocity​
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It's rare to encounter an individual truly passionate about what they do, and the impact they aspire to have. Kelly is that person. Her strength in Scrum and Agile leadership coaching, and the positive impact she's had on me, are rooted from these and similar selfless qualities that I find hard to label but impossible not to notice. She's a must have within your arsenal.​
Dan Allen
Dan AllenDirector of User Experience and Application Innovation, Hitachi Solutions, Americas​
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Kelly is one of the most influential people that I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. She has done an amazing job training me to become a better agile leader. She has a unique talent for engaging people and taking them outside of their comfort zone so that they can grow as individuals. She inspires me to want to become not only a better employee but also a better person.​
Chanelle Washington-Bacon
Chanelle Washington-BaconCSM, PM, RSM
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Don’t hesitate! You’re making an investment in yourself. This program is robust; to get the most out of it, show up and give your best. You won’t regret it.

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