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  • Scrum Master Apprenticeship (Virtual)

    $495.00 or $165.00 / month for 3 months Add to cart

    Who this program is for: You did the Scrum Master training and certification, but the jobs you see out there require some experience. Or you may be working as a new Scrum Master, but you want to increase your skills and confidence. If either of these is you, you’re in the right place.

    What you get. This program helps you bridge the gap between training and that highly paid, satisfying Scrum Master job you have your eye on. You’ll build your experience through simulations, scenarios and skill-building games. You get practical guides through battle-tested approaches like volunteering as a Scrum Master for a Coding Bootcamp, and success stories on how your peers built their experience.

    Getting the Job! You’ll also learn how to “Scrumify” your resume, LinkedIn profile, job search and Scrum Master interviewing techniques including the most common Scrum Master interview questions. You’ll gain confidence and practice on answering common Scrum Master interview questions, as well as agile networking and salary negotiation strategies. Check out your Roadmap to the Scrum Master Job now!

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