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  • Active Listening for Agile Adventurers

    $49.95 Add to cart

    Welcome to Active Listening for Agile Adventurers!

    What you’re going to learn in this fun, interactive course is: 

    1. What active listening is, and why it’s valuable in Agile
    2. How to apply the 3 steps of active listening 
    3. 2 easy tips to gauge your success immediately, and 
    4. 1 simple tool to make active listening a habit

    All these will up your game exponentially, so let’s get started!

  • Scrum Master Apprentice Boot Camp

    $600.00 available on subscription from $100.00 / month for 6 months Add to cart

    Who this program is for: You did the Scrum Master training and certification, but the jobs you see out there require  experience. You’re wondering how to break into the field!

    What you get: Insider secrets to bridging the gap between training and getting the actual job! Special techniques on how to gain experience, guide to meeting hiring managers, practices games and cheat sheets with sample scripts for interviews and events.

    What else? A clear, proven Roadmap to the job! Everything you need to get hired: how to “Scrumify” your resume, LinkedIn, interviewing techniques and more.

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