Power: A Conversation With Author Julie Diamond

In this episode, I interviewed Julie diamond, PhD. She is an author, executive coach and leadership consultant. She’s also a fellow outdoor enthusiast.

The reason I was so looking forward to interviewing Julie is because I love both of her books, especially her second one, Power: A User’s Guide. It seems to me that power is a really important topic for transformation, including agile transformations, whether it’s used well or used poorly.

Julie has this really interesting tool called the Diamond Power Inventory. And her basic idea is that power exists in many forms, including personal power. So we talked about ways to identify and leverage your own personal power.

We also talked about the different forms in which power tends to show up. For example, one is positional power, where your power is associated with your formal title role. And then there’s personal power, that a person has by virtue of who they are. And then there other types of power, that for example can be associated with rank, whether that has to do with education level, ethnic background, etc.

Agile leadership always being on my mind, I asked her questions around what power looks like in the leader who is using it effectively both for the organization and for him or herself. And ways for leaders to help agile transformations become sustainable versus the flavor. To my surprise, she turned that is right back on me by asking me, what are some things that makes it not sustainable?” And course added she also added her own ideas, so it turned into a really interesting dialogue.

Enjoy the show!

Take your power inventory grow your power-a conversation with Julie Diamond PhD v02

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