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Use this podcast to listen to our weekly cohort discussions on the go. . . commuting, on the treadmill, etc. This is a Siemens-private audio-only post. To subscribe use your preferred option below, and paste the feed To see video, go to the module called “Weekly Cohort Discussions.” iTunes (Mac & Windows) Click on “File” …

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Onsite Meetups

This onsite meetups area will hold information and resources pertaining the the Agile Transformation Coaches cohorts’ onsite meetups. These are generally held in Munich, Germany, every three months.

Agile Mechanics

The Agile Mechanics offering includes concrete guides in micro learnings such as short videos and subscribable podcast material on how to do Agile mechanics, from beginner level, such as intros to Agile, Agile mindsets and values, frameworks, creating a backlog, to advance level, such as scaling, identifying value streams, managing portfolio level kanbans.

Core Transformation Coaching Skills

The Core Coaching Skills offering includes foundational coaching skills from the world of professional coaching (ICF – International Coaching Federation). Focus is coaching as a partnership of equals to maximize potential. These skills provide success foundations and immediate applications to all other areas.

Systems Coaching

The Systems Coaching program includes approaches for coaching systems: a collection of inter-related parts sharing a common purpose. Examples: a team, a department, a company, a traffic pattern, an ant colony, the human body. These are foundational skills for leading and managing change and helping to create a workplace where people are at their best.

Agile Leadership

What is Agile Leadership? How do leaders move in that direction? Relates to roles work in systems coaching and process work categories and tags.

Lean Startup

Lean Startup is the future and it’s now – get on board the train!

Process Work

Approaches to facilitate transformation and movement. Based on the brilliant work of Arnie and Amy Mindell. Draws from systems thinking, mindfulness practices, constellations, shamanism, body-related work, quantum physics.

Individual Coaching

This offering area will contain resources available for use in individual coaching, such as initial questionnaire, goals tracking, etc.

Weekly Cohort Meetups

The Weekly Cohort Meetups offering space will hold resources from our weekly cohort meetups, including videos of some meetings, short summaries of the discussion, pictures of your beautiful faces on video, and resources like links related to the topic for the day.

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