Leading agile culture shifts-1-system archetypes 2-spiral dynamics 3-anti fragility 4-concrete experiments to try in the next 5 days

Great discussion today on:

1-system archetypes ( https://thesystemsthinker.com/systems-archetypes-i-diagnosing-systemic-issues-and-designing-interventions/ ) & Edgar Schein. Resources: https://prezi.com/dashboard/next/#/details/eml4mxf_l-jy/

2-spiral dynamics. http://www.cruxcatalyst.com/2013/09/26/spiral-dynamics-a-way-of-understanding-human-nature/

3-anti fragility – https://fs.blog/2014/04/antifragile-a-definition/

4-concrete experiments to try in the next 5 days. From chat:

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