Introduction and “Coming Attractions” – Podcast Episode #1

Welcome to the Agility Transformation podcast!

This show is for those of you interested in new angles on helping agile transformations stick. Have you ever worked on an agile transformation, only to discover that it faded away the second you turned your back? Or have you ever met leaders who lost interest in agile because they never understood that it’s a behavior change, not just the process of the month? Or that they may not see the tangible ways it benefits the bottom line? Or maybe you’re wondering how to help when some folks want agile, but others don’t?

That’s exactly what this podcast will help you with. By the end of each show, you’ll have concrete, accessible ways to facilitate sustainability for agile transformations. You’ll hear interviews with special guests from around the world from a variety of fascinating fields, like professional coaching, culture, organizational psychology, system dynamics, agile frameworks, and even quantum physics and improv!

In this first episode, we discuss the mission of this podcast of bringing transformation resources to companies exploring Agile as well as the Agile community. I’ll be in the role of host, interviewing folks who work on transformation and leadership in all these areas. My background is that I’m both an agile coach and professional coach. In particular, I’m interested in transformation and agile leadership. 

I believe my clients are already creative, resourceful and whole. My job is to simply help that grow. I bring 25 years experience in consulting for various verticals from Fortune 500s to startups, including manufacturing, IT, financial services, healthcare and marketing. In terms of my formal background, I’m a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) certification through the International Coaching Federation, a Coactive Professional Certified Coach and certified Organizational and Relationship Systems Coach. I also hold certs in Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, Scaled Agile SPC 4.6, Scrum Mastering and PMP. Some of my favorite training that I use regularly is from improv, Arnold Mindell’s process work, the Center for Nonviolent Communication, and the Society for Organizational Learning. I hold a PhD from Vanderbilit University, am a mom, and love the outdoors.

Some topics I hope to interview guests on will include:

  • Transformation – agile or otherwise: leverage points, systems thinking
  • Bringing Professional coaching skills to agile coaching: explaining/training doesn’t lead to behavior change. Instead, we’re talking new values-based ways of working, and changing behaviors around that.
  • Working with groups who have conflicting interests
  • “What’s the need behind the complaint?” Creating movement where there is none
  • Handling resistance
  • Roles, eg outer roles, inner roles, how well they are occupied, whether there is role fatigue, what can be done about it
  • I’m a new scrum master, former project manager: How do I navigate?
  • I’m a new PO: but I’ve got to do this in addition to my old job!
  • The “Lost Layer:” Middle Management in Agile Transformations, or “What the Hell is My Job Description Any More?!?”
  • C-Level Agile Leadership
  • Tech topics and agile mechanics: identifying waste in a value stream, DevOps, ways to make this easy and accessible for companies

Enjoy, and thanks for listening.

Introduction and "Coming Attractions:" Episode #1 Agility Transformation

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