Use Pro Coaching to Amp Your Agile Coaching

This past June I had the good fortune to meet the delightful Sue Bramhall (I can say “delightful” because she’s a Brit (stop smiling, Sue 🙂 ).

Sue is based in the UK, and is both a personal coach and an agile coach. She was my supervisor in my certification process to teach ICAgile courses.

I felt an immediate affinity with her because both International Coaching Federation coaching plus agile coaching is also my own background. We both believe that the skills of professional coaching from the international coaching Federation have a whole heck of a lot to offer to agile coaching, and in many cases can be the key critical success factor.

So we had a really interesting interview. First we talked about what it’s like for her combining both of those types of coaching, and then ways she uses it to help agile become sustainable to people.

Then for some reason completely unknown to me we talked about relative sizing (!), Although we didn’t talk about dogs or fruit both those topics have been worn into the ground by agile coaches, including me!).

And then we got on to a topic close to my heart, which is that training does not equal transformation. This is a common enterprise transformation anti-pattern, where there are few conversations with executives, then training is delivered to hundreds or thousands of people, on the faulty assumption that if the coach training, and it will do it.” Going to training is just that, you went to training, then you got back to start transformation

We also talked about the importance of finding a champion for several champions at that, and then we got into the good stuff – Sue’s story. How she got into this stuff.

As part of her story, she mentioned the importance of helping leaders reconnect with their own talents and unique leadership styles to leverage those for agile leadership, as well as helping people connect with emotion.

When I asked her what would be one piece of advice she would have for people, she did not even pause to think. It was that obvious. She said, “research the International Coaching Federation.” It made a difference for her and I know for sure it made a difference for me.

Enjoy the video and podcast and thanks for watching,

Sue Bramhall on combining agile and personal coaching

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