How to Get Your First Scrum

How to Get Your First Scrum Master Job in 60 Days or Less

You know how a lot of people take a Scrum Master training, maybe post their résumé on a job board, but don’t get a call?

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Private Community, Actionable Programs

Learning Scrum is a team sport! So as an Apprentice, you get access to our private online community. And since learning Scrum is more like learning a foreign language vs. learning to a bike, it helps to have our friendly community supporting you! You get on-demand support, 24x7.

Games & Quizzes

Building your Scrum Master skills and experience works better when its fun. You'll find these programs chock-full of fun activities, like simulations, scenarios, quick-start cheat sheets and more.

Unique Material

What's different about these programs is that you learn through real-life scenarios and story-telling. You get to experience what it feels like to actually try on the Scrum Master role your real-life settings.

How will the Scrum Master Apprentice Program help you get the actual job?

Watch this video from the actual course to find out the answer. You'll also see why training alone won't get you the job, and how the program solves that for you. Bonus: you'll get a taste of my storytelling teaching style.

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At ScrumPossible, We Know You Want to Become a Scrum Master​

But in order to do that, you need a job offer. The problem is, you took a training, maybe posted your résumé on a job board, but you’re not getting any responses. And you’ve noticed that Scrum Master job postings ask for more experience than you have, which makes you feel unsure about whether and how you can actually get the job. We believe it is indeed possible to get the Scrum Master job without formal Scrum Master experience. We understand you're motivated to get that job, which is why as Scrum experts, we're are confident we can help you do just that. We do that together with our proven, Three-Step Apprentice Framework: Bolster your skills Build your experience Teach you insider Job-Capture skills

Not ready to buy? Feel free to set up a call for more information . . . so you can stop getting passed over for great jobs, and start each day excited to get to work in a career you love, earning a great salary.

Webinar: Unlock the Door to Your First Scrum Master Role in Just 60 Days​

Scrum Master is a hot career. But how to break into the field? This webinar gives you hot tips from career change advice, to "Scrumifying" your resume to building your experience outside the formal Scrum Master job. You'll learn the 3-Step Apprentice Framework, which gets you the experience you need to get noticed, and the job capture skills to snag a great offer.

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Meet Kelly Fidei, Ph.D, Agile Career Coach

I work with talented people who are ready to grow. Grow your agile career, grow your
earnings, grow your job happiness. I help you not only survive, but thrive. ​

Maybe you you feel you’re not learning or growing in your career. You’re not happy in your current job. Or you’re ready for a career change, and want to earn more. Or maybe you hate commuting into a physical office when you could be working from home in a remote Scrum position. These are all reasons why our Apprentices choose our practical career boost programs.

You get a Scrum job that makes you wake up each day excited to get to work. You feel you’re constantly learning and growing. You finally feel you’re earning a healthy salary. And you work remotely and got your family time back.

I understand your dilemma of wanting to get into Scrum Mastering but not sure how. Lots of people I meet tell me they took a training, only to have a rude awakening when they realized training isn’t enough to get them the job. Because learning to Scrum Master is more like learning to play the piano, and less like learning to ride a bike – it takes practice. The Scrum Master Apprentice Program gets you that practice.

I also understand your dilemma of posting your résumé on a job board, but not getting calls. Like getting rejected before you even go on the first date! Our programs give you the insider Job-Capture skills to solve that, like how to keep bots from  killing off your résumé, tricks to “Scrumify” your résumé, and the best ways to prepare for your Scrum interview. 

And I understand the problem that entry-level Scrum Master jobs want experience . . . and how hard it is to get it! The solution? The Scrum Master Apprentice program gives you more than 15 concrete ways to build up your experience outside a formal Scrum Master job.

When you choose to work with me, you’ll benefit from my decades as a Scrum hiring manager, Agile Coach and Career Coach. That’s a unique combination you likely won’t find anywhere else. I’ve coached and trained over 20,000 people in Agile, career development and finding the best in themselves.


Getting you the job, not just the training. Boost
your job happiness and salary.


Active Listening for Agile Adventurers

 90 minutes

Learn what Active Listening is, why it's valuable, and how to apply it in 3 easy steps. Try the two easy tips to gauge your success immediately, and one simple tool to make Active Listening a habit.

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Scrum Master Apprentice Program

This program helps you bridge the gap between Scrum Master Training and getting the actual job. You get the chance to both practice your Scrum Master skills as well as a Scrum job search roadmap that will great job offers.

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Program Leaders Course

 3 months

The purpose of the Versiti Program Leaders cohort is to equip and empower new Versiti Program Leaders with skills in leadership, program visioning, prioritization, emotional intelligence, conflict management and negotiation.

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Live Mentoring Cohort Course: Scrum Master Apprentices

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