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Welcome, Scrum Masters!

The purpose of this Live Scrum Master Apprenticeship Intensive is to get you the Scrum Master job within one month of completion. You’ll build the experience you need to get the interview and ace it. And you’ll benefit from laser-focused Professional Career Coaching targeted to get you the job.

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In addition to the weekly group meeting, each cohort member gets two private 30 minute coaching sessions with Coach Kelly. Use the booking tool below to see available topics. Schedule yours to happen before the cohort end date.

Agile Team Agreement: Diamond Cohort

Every Agile team should have a Team Agreement aka Agile Social Contract. It’s your agreement for how you want to work together. It’s the Scrum Master’s job to facilitate the team to create it and revisit it occasionally, at least quarterly.

  • Environment/culture: open, collaborative, respectful, safe space, psychological safety, record, fun, friendly, informal and also formal in the sense of high functioning in the “real world,” informal and professional at the same. Handle blockers: at end of stand up or on Slack. Timebox. Try to make it so everyone volunteers once before going a second time. About 2m per volunteer.
  • Meeting times (Sat, Sun, M-F): Sat and Sun 10-12noon cst / 11-1pm est / 5-7pm South Africa time zone. Exception : Mother’s Day / May 14 – Meeting time will be 7-9am cst / 8-10am est/ 2-4pm S. Africa time. Daily standup time is 11:30am cst / 12:30est / 6:30 S. Africa
  • Definition of Ready: story must be in standard user facing format, each story should have an acceptance criteria, estimation
  • Definition of Done: our acceptance criteria is met, PO accepts it
  • How we want to be together around conflict: talk it out, vote it out, bring it to the team first, hear other peoples’ opinions, respectful, refer back to how we want our environment/culture to be, including psychological safety, set aside time to air things out/designated grouching time/retro, bring it up at the retro or before if needed before the retro, could use parking lot timeframes (now, mid-term, can wait till retro)
  • Success criteria for earning a recommendation to two Recruiters or Hiring Managers: demonstration live in final session of competently leading all the Scrum events: Sprint Review, Sprint Planning (including Planning Poker), Sprint Retrospective, Daily Scrum. This will also involve a LinkedIn Testimonial from Coach Kelly.


The purpose of the Buddy system is to support each other in your journey to the job. Meet with your Buddy at least weekly. Make it fun, informal and useful. Initial Buddy groups are arranged alphabetically. We’ll change Buddies weekly.

  1. Week one: Eddie/Jeff, Jessica/Julie/Mahlodi/Marie Claudine, Isis/Sasha, Teresa/Val
  2. Week two: Val/Eddie/Julie, Jeff/Mahlodi, Marie Claudine/Isis, Sasha/Teresa
  3. Week three: Teresa/Val/Eddie, Julie/Jeff/Mahlodi, Marie Claudine/Isis/ Sasha
  4. Week four: Sasha/Teresa, Val/Julie/Isis, Eddie/Jeff, Mahlodi/Marie Claudine
  5. Week five: Julie/Sasha, Marie Claudine//Isis, Eddie/Jeff, /Teresa/Mahlodi/Val

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A perk of the program is you will have lifetime access to the recordings. Feel free to review as often as you’d like.

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