What Coaching Has to Offer for Stakeholder Happiness

ByKelly Fidei, Ph.D.Jan 25, 20156 min read

Here’s what there is to know about unhappy stakeholders. They are capable of being happy. In fact, they WANT to be happy. They’re not being unhappy to…

Defeating the Four Horsemen of Hell Through Team Coaching

ByKelly Fidei, Ph.D.Jan 8, 201510 min read

Jim* made Susan cry yesterday. In nursery school, this is normal and expected. However, I work with adults in IT, not three-year-olds in nursery school. Jim and Susan are…

Power, Empowerment and Freedom in Team Coaching

ByKelly Fidei, Ph.D.Jan 6, 20152 min read

I’ve been thinking about power lately. Power over, empowerment, power to. Abuses of power, power held lightly, power balanced with love by skilled leaders. One of the…

Team Toxins, Antidotes and Agile Coaching

ByKelly Fidei, Ph.D.Jan 6, 20154 min read

Conflict and “stormy weather” describes one team I’ve been serving lately as Agile Coach. Their PO and Scrum Master quit, and I’m filling in temporarily for those…

Let Go to Let Come (and how to get back to sleep)

ByKelly Fidei, Ph.D.Jan 5, 201510 min read

I’m having the proverbial awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night and worrying-about-work-tomorrow kind of night. These days I’m working with the team in trouble. They seem on the verge of giving up…

Who are my peers?

ByKelly Fidei, Ph.D.Jan 3, 20152 min read

I recently asked about 15 people I work with and have worked with in the past to write 360 reviews of me. It’s with the product through…

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