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Surprise! What Agile Can Learn from the US Navy

I thought I knew one or two things about Agile, but in only five minutes of hearing Mark’s true stories about his role as a Navy aviator collaborating with the Navy SEALs, I realized he had something highly valuable and concrete to teach the Agile community – how to make it real, in practice, on the ground!

Facilitating Change in a “VUCA” World with Reimar Paschke

Today I had the pleasure of talking with experienced change facilitator Reimar Paschke. There were many gems in the conversation, but my favorite was, “By saying “no,” I got what I wanted.” Reimar tells the inspiring story behind why he said this.

What Coaching Has to Offer for Stakeholder Happiness

Here’s what there is to know about unhappy stakeholders. They are capable of being happy. In fact, they WANT to be happy. They’re not being unhappy to annoy you. They’re being unhappy because they have a good reason for being unhappy. As agile coach, it’s your job to coach the relationship between the product owner …

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