Use Psychology To Become a Better Agile Coach

Welcome back to Part II of this interesting and useful interview with Agile Coach and Psychologist Gaganbir Palta.… Read the rest!

Surprise! What Agile Can Learn from the US Navy

I thought I knew one or two things about Agile. But in only five minutes, I changed my mind.… Read the rest!

Becoming a Scrum Product Owner When the Business Doesn’t Want to Play

photo of candles near sticky note

Today I talked with Sebastian Hellmann, who is an agile Product Owner.… Read the rest!

Facilitating Change in a “VUCA” World with Reimar Paschke

Today I had the pleasure of talking with experienced change facilitator Reimar Paschke.… Read the rest!

Introduction and “Coming Attractions” – Podcast Episode #1

Welcome to the Agility Transformation podcast!

This show is for those of you interested in new angles on helping agile transformations stick.… Read the rest!

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