Use Psychology To Become a Better Agile Coach

Welcome back to Part II of this interesting and useful interview with Agile Coach and Psychologist Gaganbir Palta.… Read the rest!

Use Pro Coaching to Amp Your Agile Coaching

This past June I had the good fortune to meet the delightful Sue Bramhall (I can say “delightful” because she’s a Brit (stop smiling, Sue 🙂 ).… Read the rest!

Cool Ways to Use Cognitive Psychology in Agile

Did you think psychology and agile don’t go together? Think again.… Read the rest!

Let Go to Let Come (and how to get back to sleep)

I’m having the proverbial awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night and worrying-about-work-tomorrow kind of night.

These days I’m working with the team in trouble. They seem on the verge of giving up and are very discouraged. I’m worried for them and for the organization. Over the weekend my monkey mind has been cavorting to various places from which I could sneakily try to make them do things my way.… Read the rest!

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