Book Launch Party: Human-Centered Agile

Your Customers Don't Care About Agile

Your Scrum doesn’t matter to your customers. Moreover, your Kanban or your SAFe don’t matter to them either. Neither do your Agile certifications or how many story points your team accomplished last sprint. The only thing that matters to them is that you comprehend and solve their problems. Period.

In order to deliver good products, teams need to actually understand their customer’s problems. Human-Centered Design (HCD) methods offer a plethora of ways to understand users and construct solutions they will adore. However, effectively executing HCD while delivering in an iterative and incremental fashion poses a real challenge. Joe Montalbano and Brad Lehman have authored a book for Agile teams aiming for enhanced success in engaging with users, discovering their needs, validating concepts, and refining solutions, all while maintaining their Agile approach.

You can now order Human-Centered Agile: A Unified Approach for Better Outcomes, from Productivity Press over Amazon.

My guests Joe Montalbano and Brad Lehman just launched an exciting new book. They titled it “Human Centered Agile: A Unified Approach For Better Outcomes.” The book serves as a guide to applying the  Human-Centered Design process, principles and examples to an Agile product development model that industry and government widely use, primarily for software and technology development efforts. Balancing these two has posed a persistent industry challenge because HCD emphasizes investing time in understanding the problems needing solutions (time spent in the problem space). In contrast, Agile prioritizes a fast hypothesize-and-deliver model (time spent in the solution space).

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