Use Psychology To Become a Better Agile Coach

Welcome back to Part II of this interesting and useful interview with Agile Coach and Psychologist Gaganbir Palta. As we continued the quest on ways to help Agile Transformations be sustainable, we started with a common topic for coaches, which is, “How do we as coaches help individuals and teams oriented to the greater good?” This can be a tricky question in organizations that are highly matrix and/or highly silo’d. Often environment such as these are structured so as to encourage the exact from behavior, namely, prioritizing the team or one’s individual silo over the customer or the quality of the product.

The people side of agile coaching was the next topic tackled and we pretty much agreed that every side of coaching is the people side even and sometimes especially if it is highly technical

In terms of how to help organizations make these ideas practical, Gaganbir shared that he has developed his own tool called the ThinkStack tool. He shared a couple of very interesting real-life cases to illustrate both the to all and the practical results that it can bring to clients. And imagine my excitement to learn he is in the process of writing a book – can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Gaganbir’s closing words are still echoing in my head, “Light a match! Create a difference!” – What is the match that you would like to light today? What is the difference you want to create in the world? And what are you waiting for?

Gaganbir Palta Interview Part 2 - A Powerful Combo of Agile Coaching and Psychology

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