Adarsh Mehrotra on DevOps, Blockchain and DevSecOps for Agile Sustainability

In this episode I interviewed Adarsh Mehrotra, Industry Principal at Infosys. He leads the DevOps practice in the Enterprise Quality Systems group. He’s been in this game for about 14 years but only recently stepped into this role of Industry Principle (congratulations, Adarsh!).

Adarsh is bringing a new perspective to this podcast because a lot of his work has to do with technical agile. And that’s where the rubber hits the road in agile transformations, because there’s no “look like.”You can’t just adopt some of the surface practices of agile and say that you are doing DevOps. No way.

This is a key difference with scrum for example, where many teams believe they are doing agile if they are doing sprints. In many cases, they are not actually doing agile because they don’t understand the mindset or they are missing core practices like experimentation or relentless learning with “adjust and adapt.” For example, doing the retrospective doesn’t mean you’re agile; it just means you sat in a (hopefully not too boring) meeting called “retrospective.” Without core practices and visible results,… I digress.

Back to Adarsh and DevOps. Adarsh got me pretty enthused about some of the cool new offerings even beyond DevOps, such as blockchain, and how these offerings go hand-in-hand with agile and DevOps. For example, he is starting to look at things like specialized roles in the cloud space, such as cloud orchestrator or cloud broker. (I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing pictures of an orchestra in a cloud and a real estate broker in a cloud). 🙂

Another very cool area related to DevOps that we talked about is Dev Security Ops. Adarsh is in the process of developing a picture of, “What is a good security champion program look like?”

Agile DevOps Blockchain and More with Adarsh Mehrotra

So if you’re interested in what agile actually looks like in a “no excuses,” “Let’s get real” kind of way, keep listening and enjoy the show!

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