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Scrum Master Career Coaching to get you that Job!

You took your Scrum Master training. You passed your certification.  But most Junior Scrum Master job postings ask for skills you don’t get in most trainings . . . plus work experience! So how the heck do you get in the door? Especially if you have little to no experience? 

This program helps you bridge that gap. You build your skills and experience through games and real-life scenarios. You’ll be guided by an experienced Scrum Master, Scrum Hiring Manager and Agile Coach with 20 years of battle-tested experience. And you get Scrum Master Career Coaching from a Certified Career Coach on your resume, agile networking, answering common Scrum Master interview questions and achieving the career of your dreams.

The outcome? Insider secrets helping aspiring Scrum Masters to get the ACTUAL job! The way it’s different is that unlike most trainings, that give you only knowledge, this program helps you get the other two things you NEED to get the actual job: skills and experience. As a bonus, you also get career coaching gems like how to “scrumify” your resume, good answers to common Scrum Master interview questions, ways to do agile networking via LinkedIn and Agile Meetups and much more! 


* This course is temporarily offered at a deep discount while under construction. Signing up now gives you access to all future assets at a fraction of the price. 

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Part 1: Make sure you've got the skills vs. just the knowledge
Part 2: How to get the experience you need to get the job
Part 3: Career Coaching from a Pro - Get That Job!
Part 4: People skills that make you shine
Part 5: Bonus Section

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