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Scrum Master Job!

You know how a lot of people take a Scrum Master certification training in hope of getting the job? But as soon as they post their Scrum Master resume, they discover training wasn't enough to get them the job. But don't worry! As a matter of fact, there's a solution! The Scrum Master Apprentice Boot Camp gets you the job, not just the training. In fact, you get the experience you need to get noticed, plus the job capture skills to snag a great offer

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At Scrumpossible, we know you want the Scrum Master Job

The Problem

You took a training, applied for a few jobs, but didn't hear back. And what's more, you noticed that Scrum Master job postings ask for more experience than you have. Sooner or later, you start to feel unsure about whether and how you can actually get the job.

The Solution

But don't worry - there's good news. While it may be true that it's not possible to get the job with training alone, know the it is in fact possible to get the job without formal Scrum Master experience. It's important to realize that our proven, Three-Step Framework has helped many folks just like you to snag the actual job.

Set up a call to learn more. . . so you can stop getting passed over for great jobs, then start each day loving what you do!

Success Story: How Mahlodi broke into Scrum

I'm so excited to share that my Scrum Master Apprentice, Mahlodi Masia, SUCCEEDED! Check out her true story on how she did a career change into Scrum Mastering. She also shares her pointers on what she did that worked, and what you can do too. Don't miss this one - it's chock full of practical, creative tips for breaking into Scrum Mastering!

Scrum Master Testimonials

How will the Scrum Master Apprentice Boot Camp help you get the actual job?

Watch this video from the actual course to unquestionably find out the answer. To that end, you learn how to get Scrum Master experience, how to liven up your Scrum Master resume with Jira, and where to find Scrum Master resume templates. All in all, you get insider tips and tricks on how to get a Scrum Master job. Not only that, you'll see why training alone won't get you the job, and how the Scrum Master Boot Camp solves that for you.

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Private Scrum Master Apprentice Community, Actionable Programs

Above all, getting the Scrum Master job is a team sport! In fact, you get comprehensive Scrum Master skills lists and "tell me about yourself Scrum Master" sections. As a matter of fact, you get access to our private online community as an Apprentice. Basically, 24x7 support.

Games & Quizzes

Another key point is that building your Scrum Master skills and experience works better when its fun. In particular, you'll find these programs chock-full of great activities: simulations, scenarios, quick-start cheat sheets and more.

Unique Material

By and large, what's different about the Scrum Master Apprentice Program is that you learn through real-life scenarios and story-telling. In fact, you experience what it feels like to actually try on the Scrum Master role in real-life settings.

Meet Kelly Fidei, PhD, Scrum Master Career Coach

. . . because I work with talented people who are ready to grow.

As a result of where you are in life, you want the job, not just the training. In fact, you’re ready to learn and grow. Furthermore, you feel ready for a career change, and wouldn’t mind earning more. Not only that, but remote work means convenience and more family time. 

A Scrum job that basically wakes you up each day excited to get to work. Not only that, but also the great feeling of constantly learning and growing. In addition, a healthy salary in a stable field. In addition, remote work if that’s your deal! 

When you choose to work with me, you’ll accordingly benefit from my decades as a Scrum hiring manager, Agile Coach and Career Coach. In fact, that’s a unique combination you likely won’t find anywhere else. What’s more, I’ve coached and trained over 20,000 people in Agile, career development and finding the best in themselves.

Scrum Master Job Programs

After all, you want the job, not just the training


Scrum Master Apprentice Boot Camp

 2 months

This program helps you bridge the gap between Scrum Master Training and getting the actual job. It gets you a proven roadmap to the job.

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Active Listening for Agile Adventurers

Learn what Active Listening is, why it's valuable, and how to apply it in 3 easy steps. Try the two easy tips to gauge your success immediately, and one simple tool to make Active Listening a habit.

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